Thursday, February 9, 2012

Soft on the Inside, Tough on the Outside

If I close my eyes hard enough, and imagine what our bed looks like, perhaps when I open them, I will be able to get in it and wake to a bright morning like this one:

On a separate note, I can't think of any other frivolous accessory I would love holding more than this ALexander McQueen knuckle clutch:

Available at Neiman Marcus

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Have some Seats

Since I have been researching the endless possibilities of additional seating for our living room, I have been getting a fairly good education on new terms, textiles and styles. My design interests have never ventured into the formal vernacular of aesthetics, though I might have always been drawn to a particular style without knowing its name or history. This post is dedicated to the truest possibilities that could end up right here:

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Walls See Everything

The Farrow & Ball wallpaper collection is my new obsession. I can't stop looking at it. There is so much depth and transition in the recipe of their paint and it lives within the paper as well. It is stain resistant, too, which is always a functional plus... which do you like best? Too many to label so count from the top down to describe your favorite. Do keep in mind that because of the consistency in shades for each wallpaper design, I have not posted the hue of light, milky ocean blue for every single design, though it is easily the one that works best. However, it does exist for each and every pattern, in case it is not shown in the particular one you love.

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Living for this Room

It is thrilling and ultra satisfying to witness a room transform, to take what exists and introduce new pieces that change the entire point of view. Our new rug never stops astounding me. It is lush, simple, decadent and distilled perfection. I am starting to imagine the new pieces we will find in exchange for the side tables and yellow loveseats. I see 4 chairs, 2 pairs. The end tables might be beautiful if they were gilt, gold leaf or mirrored. Here are some ideas: