Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dreaming in Quilt

I have a very select and specific way I want to use quilts in my home. They need to be carefully placed, so as to create a sense of comfort and quaintness but containing the chic and clean setting surrounding it. A quilt is a lovely way to bring color and asymmetry into a room. Finding the right quilt is key for me. And here are some dream examples!

This piece is gorgeous and I have no idea where it came from as I forgot to tag the source. But how perfectly this piece is crafted. How and where do I find you!

What a fantastic use of pattern mixtures here. There are three very distinct textiles, including a red toile. This room is the picture of guest warmth, and the wood is truly the epitomy of warmth. I especially love the long, thin and simple lamp next to the pitcher of white flowers. Lovely.

The couch is not a quilted pattern; however, the textile has the same visual effect as a colorful quilt. The rest of the room is decorated in crisp, muted tones which give calm and a sense of soothing to the energy of the room. The couch adds excitement and familiarity to the room's personality. Love it!

Perfect example of a great quilt pattern. This would look lovely at the edge of a bed, or over a quilt stand in an all-white washed room, right?

Precious for the children's room or the crafting room.

What a lovely blue headboard is this! Found on Wren Design, this room is an interesting inversion of the way most quilts are used. Here the quilt is muted and colorless, while other accents in the room add personality. And a kitty makes this all come together, as always.

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