Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dreaming About Monticeto

I don't know what it is about Montecito. Maybe it's simply the name itself that is dreamy to call home. Or maybe it's the fact that this house exists there. I love the blue shutters against the starch white, and the dusty brown roof tiles. The deep greens and the graveled road make it feel more like France than Cali. This is a grand villa, certainly, but it doesn't have that power-hungry look. This says home to me. This says, "We've made it" to me.

This is very close to dreamy for me. It is understated, humble in its lavishness. The lush plantlife possibilities are endless to compliment the front of this home. Here, they have beaucoup Hostas, but, as I said, the possibilities are endless; far beyond Hostas!

There is so much that can be done with this land! This is mouthwatering yard space! Wisteria is beckoning this place! As is Rhododendron! Really, it seems this yard is well crafted to create a European flavor of horticulture: an overflowing variety of plantlife no doubt is in order here!

Heaven, gone to heaven with this garden space. A little outdoor sanctuary waiting to happen. Sighhhhhh.

Let there be....

Love love love the vaulted ceilings, the all white wood planks. The wood floor, and the LIGHT!
These rooms are delicate, and yet magnifique!

Though this eating space is small and seemingly oddly shaped, it still has much potential. Most importantly, is the FEEL of this space. The view is clearly going to do wonders for a soul. The white wood is a perfect backdrop for French cottage decor. Can anyone say white and khaki toile?

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