Monday, August 31, 2009

To Dream, Perchance To Sleep

Right now, I dream of having a gorgeous sleep. I never knew how specific my perfect bedroom would be. What would make me want to climb into a bed, what elements would send me into the Land of Nod and wake me with the fullest most refreshing surrounding, to say, "Welcome to the world!". I collected these images, and found my bedroom. Finally. Here is where I will sleep, and perchance, dream.

This one, is the ONE. The very one. It is perfection to me. It has the exact reading chair, and the dark wood floor is beautiful. The bed itself is large, cozy and simple. A blank canvas to dream, and to wake with limitless possibilities!

This actually exists. Someone lives here. Someone thought of this, and I love them for this kind of limitless creative thinking. This is magical and best of all, it is real.

This is just enough blue... I find blue to be a color I appreciate more in my living space. But this is a good amount of it. I particularly like that this mattress looks like it might be cloud-like. One cloud-like mattress for me, please? Thank you.

Very simple. And the pillows are divine. These are my pillows.

Absolutely a touch of warmth. This is a space I might never leave.

What I like about this, is how soft everything feels to the eye. Very English Cottage. And it isn't overly feminine in it's softness. It feels like a hug. An embrace from your favorite relative. Perhaps this is best as a guest room. But it has elements I like for a master as well.

A bit crisp, but what I do like is the tufted headboard. Tufted headboard equals heaven.

Beautifully soft linens, and very familiar within it's grandeur.

Growing up, I had a white wicker daybed with a mosquito net hanging over it. I miss it very much. And this month, we could have really used it!

Side pieces are important, and, for me, I prefer them to have a largeness. Something that can have several items atop it and still have space. I also appreciate the warmth of this wood.

What I am focusing on in this room is the bed. This is a very perfect bed in every way. The textures are insane. I adore the linen tufted headboard, the white and cream starch linens all topped off with a luscious fur blanket. I also love the coral, which gives the orange a more peaceful feel.

Mmmm.... Tufted headboard.

A very simple room. Full of light and full of harmony.

What I love here is the canopy bed. It is strong, and simple.

Another beautiful canopy bed. And a great sitting space. Full of comfort.

Can you find the tufted headboard? Love the end table like I love pearls, like I love hurricane candle holders, like I love chaise lounges.

Love the mirror. Definitely makes this bedroom a love nest. Although I don't know how much I'd love seeing myself while trying to read! I might want a sheer drape over it as an option as well!

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