Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Dreamy Day.

"Over The Rainbow/ Wonderful World" medley:
by Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole: followed by:
"In My Daughter's Eyes":
by Martina McBride

I wanted this event to dream up imaginings for girls and boys. I wanted them to feel the magic of possibility, the fairytale you can jump into: and they did!

Conceptual art is my love of loves. I have produced and designed two of my own shows, and everyday I seek to formalize my creative skills into a solid, living, breathing, auspiciously sustainable work.

I've been challenged, fallen on my head, made countless mistakes, and getting up and hoping I'm wiser from it all, trusting that it was all in order to teach me. Coming back around, stronger with lessons learned, as to why we celebrated this love on this day can be that much more rewarding. No matter what, this day has led me to live the life of my dreams, though I could never have known what details my future would bring, I have continued to follow my heart and my dreams as the core of my purpose, and it has not led me astray. I continue to live the life of my dreams, more fuller, more pronounced. The HOW is the only thing I don't actually know for certain. It's funny that way, isn't it?