Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Best Time of Year

I really am a primitive lover. I can't believe how deeply I have fallen for the old country, primitive shaker style.

So homemade feeling.

Spacious and simple.

UH! Let me count the ways!

Again, this room will stand as my inspiration for as long as I have a living room with mustard colored walls.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Attic in the Clouds

I absolutely love this space. I love the shiny wood floors, the white wood paneled ceiling. I LOVE the sign that says "Marie's Dress Shop". Something like that is a must find. I already have some ideas brewing. This picture has so much inspiration in it for me! But now, on with the practicals!

An all white, all wood attic is sooooooo dreamy.


Exactly what I'd like for the thread! This is much like what our space can be like as the ceiling seems like an attic here. 

Nice open spacing and a clean, white palette for the imagination to wander!

LOVE the magazine rack in here. Must have a place for mags.
Also, really love the use of wall space here.

I have always wanted a wrapping station. I'd really like to have an all-purpose table adjacent from the sewing station for these kinds of goodies. I love the use of wallpaper here as well.

This is a little busy and frilly for me, but, what I do like about it is the curtain in front of the table. A different pattern, but the idea is great.

Love the peg boards and simple shelving.

Exactly what I'd like to have in front of the sewing station, perhaps more compact.


I just love these colors, linens, old wood. Breathtaking...

Again, the all white and the blue for an attic seems so perfect.
It's like being "up in the clouds"!

This is precious.

Imagination abounding!

More grown up. This is really doable.

I can see this already!

The color palette I love, and the beds are a great idea.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Dreamy Kind of Great Room

Wall art. This would be in a Cherry wood or Mahogany frame. If I can find some kind of aircraft lithography or original engineering of a jet that would be ideal!

Starburst Bowl from Crate and Barrel. Never have I dug C & B this much. But this particular ensemble kills me!

I have always preferred rugs to be soft and fluffy. This is the one for me. Flokati becomes a bit harsh after the years. Something closer to a plush burber is purrrrfect.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Live Here.

Really really in love with this. The SHELVING!
The white tile back splash and the perfect touches of green...

I have red in my kitchen now. Though I do love it, I am pulled toward light green lately: like a pistachio green. But I do love the red here as I've created in my previous kitchen. Very Italian country.... Though I am definitely ready for pistachio green touches in my next kitchen!