Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stacks and Stacks

I love an open kitchen.  My dream kitchen would have glass panels on all cabinets, for two reasons:  one) it's a terrific way to force oneself to think, "inside out", that the inside should be as pretty as the outside.  And two) there is something so welcoming and joyful to me about the idea of walking into a kitchen where you can see all of the lovely things one uses to serve the people they love!

And what you can't see down below should be equally as calming to view when one needs to get something.  Just as lovely as it is when someone tells you, "You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside."- So should be your kitchen.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Toile the days Hereafter

Welcome to my leetle blog, Chris.  I thought this might be the easiest way to share with you samples of my thoughts.  I completely understand if these don't happen, of course.  But what's the harm in sharing with the designer extraordinaire my imaginings?  And if they spark something that you feel, then wow.  That's sort of a dream come true, you know!  But I absolutely do not want to get in the way!

All the items have links.
Hope you enjoy!  

Here is a nice example of bunchy, linen, rumpled-style roman shades. I love that they are simple and unobtrusive, but still add texture to the environment. One can easily maneuver them while sitting at the table for less or more light. Also, they could provide a lovely accent to the windows without being overdressed or minimizing the impact of the light. Curtains may be nice, too. But this was an idea I had yesterday.  
(This image can be seen in this post.)

These are found on Etsy. They are in the vein of what I was imagining, but darker perhaps.

Since Peter's last name means "Ship" in German, I thought perhaps this would be a lovely fabric for the kitchen curtains/roman shades.  I know Peter's mom likes toile as do I.   There's "Jamestown" toile in sage that comes up often which is more quintessentially my thought.  

This is a grain sack idea I've had for several years which I thought would look very nice in the kitchen. This color is rather pretty, though.  Found on Etsy.